Ologon Audiolog 01: War

COMPUTER VOICE: Blackbox entry 25, final entry. Star year: 2007 A.E.

OFFICER (in the background): Soldiers, look alive! Ander, get back in the radio!

Lt. James Ander: Mayday, mayday, this is Lieutenant James Ander speaking from what’s left of the Hephaestus Hammer.The admiral is dead, and the ship’s captain is about to as well.
There’s only 10% left of our main fleet and the capital ship is running on auxiliary power, I don’t know for how much longer.

OFFICER (in the background): Everybody, maintain stations!

Lt. James Ander: We can not hold any more ground against Sanguine’s forces, I repeat, we CAN NOT hold this position anymore! If no one comes, the planet will fall, I repeat the planet will fall
and the system won’t be far behind! If there’s any ally fleet hearing this, please help us, ther…

Lt. James Ander (in the background): oh God, BRACE FOR IMPACT!