Ologon Audiolog 02: Mischief

Isaac Shapley: Personal log 0738, Isaac Shapley, star date: 10th cycle of 2009 A.E.

Isaac Shapley: I’m so exhausted right now. You know.. Having to deal with those.. those foot soldiers it’s just so… sometimes so.. ugh. Ok. But I’m.. I’m fine.

Isaac Shapley: Anyway, I gotta say that when I heard for the first time that Edlen got another apprentice I felt a little bit.. You know… upset.

Isaac Shapley: Even more when I found out it was some “frontline thug”! After all, it’s not easy to please Halley Edlen enough to become an apprentice.

Isaac Shapley: It took me ten bloody years in the academy and a letter from the emperor himself for me to become one! And Caroline had to pass that hellish test Edlen invented.

Isaac Shapley: So of course, at first I thought it was a sick joke. But after seeing this mister Kepler in action, my, oh my, I have never been so wrong.

Isaac Shapley: Despite his lack of.. finesse, he is exceptionally good at war. And the best part is, he’s utterly loyal to the chain of command, to the point of not asking questions. Having him around is excellent.

Isaac Shapley: While he takes care of the entire battlefield I have time to check out on my little side project…