Ologon Audiolog 03: Pride

Computer voice: Isolating cabin sound.
Computer voice: Beginning ambient music.

Caroline S. Leavitt: Personal log 0245, Caroline Swan Leavitt, star date: 2nd cycle of 2010 A.E. This is a self-evaluation concerning my results on “Halley’s test of fire”. Teacher before the war and now High Admiral, Halley Edlen seems to have great pride on this test. Now that I have done it, I can understand why.

Caroline S. Leavitt: At first, the test seems simple. It gives you a great army to lead against smaller factions on a enclosed map. The catch, however, is that they have infinite resupply of troops and materials, while you don’t.
Caroline S. Leavitt: And there’s an enforced rule. You can only try the test ONCE; “there are no second chances on the battlefield, there shouldn’t be second chances here either!”, says Edlen.
Caroline S. Leavitt: Most of the students thought that a quick strike, one that puts all your forces against small factions, would solve the problem, but the time spent attacking the first enemies would allow the last ones to gather more troops than you.

Caroline S. Leavitt: Another tactic would be to spread out your army.Face each enemy at the same time,but this leaves you with smaller squads.They are quickly outnumbered by those of the enemy.
Caroline S. Leavitt: There’s also some fools who decided to defend a fortified position.They thought staying there forever would accomplish anything. Those idiots.

Caroline S. Leavitt: At the end I opted for dividing my army, but on way more squads than enemies and went on guerrilla warfare. It was a risky call, but the ability to move faster
and spread wider gave me the edge I needed.
Caroline S. Leavitt: It doesn’t surprise me no one ever passed, the window of time for planning and acting is too short and I doubt anyone would ever face such challenge in real life.

Caroline S. Leavitt: Anyway, if, to have a chance of being a high admiral one day, I have to put up with this madness, so be it. Leavitt out.